Connect your HR stack

Indivity is an Integration as a Service, sharing information across the HR SaaS apps that you use to manage your team.

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Every platform. Seamless integrations. All in one place.


Grow faster

Indivity creates an HR ecosystem on the fly by integrating, social media, HRMS platforms, and more, all with a single click. Bring your tool to millions of new users in minutes.

reduce development work

"Native" integrations

Instead of added cost marketplace integrations and possible inferior experiences for your users, let Indivity provide you with the quality of a native integration but no maintenance overhead. Just an API endpoint.

Do on what you're good at

Focus on product

It's hard enough to build a fantastic product when you don't spit your development team's attention between core functionality and integrations. Let Indivity handle custom-quality integration creation so you can focus on what makes your product great.


Docs, compliance, scheduling, time cards, feedback and more all managed through a simple API library.


Access the best features of any HR
tools when you need 'em, and don't worry about the features you don't.


We keep your sensitive employee data safe, no matter what tool it's in, with best-in-class encryption.

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