The average HR team uses more than 3 pieces of HR software to manage company staff

Most HR teams manually keep their software in sync, causing:

  • Mistakes from manual data entry
  • Lost productivity from time-intensive processes
  • Lack of information for key decision makers in the company

With Indivity’s automation, data flows where you need it, when you need it. No manual input. No code. No expensive custom software contracts.

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Connect HR apps in 3 simple steps

Pick the apps you need to connect
Indivity configures your connection
Indivity moves the data between apps

HR automation in action

Indivity does all this and more in minutes.

Automate onboarding

Connect new employees you’ve hired in BambooHR to your Bridge LMS onboarding classes.

Automate satisfaction

Automatically email everyone in your Payworks payroll with surveys from Officevibes to evaluate how the month has gone.

Automate evaluations

Automatically send all applicants to a programming job in Greenhouse a code evaluation test from Codility.

Awesome Benefits

The easiest tool you’ll ever use

Indivity configures integration for you, so unlike Zapier you don’t need to worry about building it yourself. Experience the power of integration with none of the hassles.

Make informed decisions with real-time data

Information is there when you need it, since data is synced real time. Never worry about missed schedules or forgotten tasks again.

Rest easy: your data is private

At no time is your employee’s information visible to Indivity. Data is fully encrypted without ever being stored on our servers.

The Indivity Difference

No code required
No expensive contracts
No developers needed
Automate HR information transfer
Configured for you by smart AI
Real time view of your information

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